It’s Peach Season!


Once again it’s peach season and it’s been awhile since I posted any recipes… So, it’s back to basics.

This recipe was sent to me by my good friend, Miranda, and she assures me that it’s good for you.  Well, I’m all for a desert that’s good for me!!!


5  Cups sliced Peaches
3  Tbsp. pure Maple Syrup
3  Tbsp. Flour
1/2 Cup  Palmers all-fruit Apricot preserves
1/8  tsp.  Nutmeg

Mix above ingredients well.   Pour into a square 8 x 8 and bake 20 min in a preheated 350 degree oven. While filling is baking, make the topping.
1-1/2 Cups whole grain Oats
4  Tbsp.  Maple Syrup
1/4 tsp.  Salt
4 Tbsp.  Flour
1 tsp.  Vanilla
Mix well and spoon over baked filling. return to oven for 15 min.  Serve hot or cold.
(I think warm with Vanilla Ice Cream is best!  Oooops,  I think I fell off the ‘good for me’ track.)   😉

The Seahawk’s Sanctuary – 99cents for 9 Days!

That’s right!  It’s not a typo!  This is my first BIG promotion and what could be a better time for a story that takes place just prior to the Revolutionary War than the 4th of July holiday?

To celebrate our American history, I will be offering the eBook edition of The Seahawk’s Sanctuary for only 99cents!!!
(Regularly priced at $3.99)

AND, this special will be in effect from June 29 – July 7!

Now for the rules.  Well, they’re more guidelines than rules…

Amazon’s easy ‘Buy now with 1-Click’ download of the Kindle edition is only one click away… Simply click on the “click here” next to the cover art of Seahawk’s Sanctuary that’s at the top right-hand side of this page and you’re there.

If you own a Nook, Apple, or some other eReader, don’t worry.  I’m NOT exclusive to Amazon so I’ve got it covered.  Just follow this link to Smashwords (which supports all other eReader formats) and enter AY84S in the coupon box when you check out.  This 75% off discount code is linked to Seahawk’s Sanctuary and will be in effect until July 7 as well. But you MUST put the code in the box when you checkout to purchase Seahawk for 99cents!

Don’t have a Smashwords account, set one up…it’s easy.  (You may have to turn off the PG13 or prude filter.)

This 4th of July, let’s show our patriotism and pride by unfurling the Red, White, and Blue – letting her glory be seen from coast to coast…


Be safe and have a great one!

Happy reading

Recap of the SC Bookfest

First of all, HUGS and THANKS go to Shari Stauch of Where Writers Win for inviting me to participate in this prestigious literary event and treating us to dinner on Saturday night.  A wonderful time was had by all!

The authors in the WWW booth, and others that could not attend, have been very fortunate to have Shari teach us many savvy social networking skills as well as website maintenance, while her associate, Kendra Haskins, developed gorgeous  individual webpages for many of us.  Shari’s current mission is to take talented fledgling authors under her wing and teach us to fly by navigating through and connecting with a plethora of social sites.  And while she professes to cut us loose after the contract is fulfilled, we authors know we can always email her for help or advice, for Shari has her fingers on the pulse of the current unpredictable and rapidly changing field of writing and publishing.

The authors present and/or represented at the WWW booth were: newly published Priscilla Whitaker – Mr Blue, and  Kat Varn with her soon to be released novel – Ameera Unveiled.  A wide scope of genres were available at the WWW booth:  Karla Telega – Box of Rocks and I Never Drove a Bulldozer,   Deb Mangolt – Drink Wine and Giggle,   McKendree (Mike) Long – No Good Like It Is and Dog Soldier Moon,  Jacqueline Gum – Confessions of a Corporate Slut, Fred Fields – How Short Hitting, Bad Golfers Break 90 All the Time,   Millie West was debuting her “hot off the presses” new release –  Catherine’s Cross as well as  The Cast Net,  and last but certainly not least, Shari, who we sometimes forget is an author in her own right – Pool Player’s Edge and  Precision Pool.

I met a many wonderful people at the book festival and wish to send a thank you out to everyone for all the very pleasant and memorable experiences… Most of the independent authors I spoke with are committed to learning the craft and producing quality work and sincerely hope that fair and honest representation of indie authors by more of the publishing companies is in the near future. Ultimately, I believe, this will be a great benefit to readers worldwide as a larger scope of good books are made available for their reading pleasure.

There was one author in particular, across the aisle from us who had, I thought, a stunning booth. His name is Rick Veal and he was debuting his first novel, The Master of Whitehall. This novel is a modern-day vampire story that takes place in Charleston, SC.  Mr. Veal bought a copy of Seahawk’s Sanctuary from me at the book festival, and to my delight he posted a wonderful review on Amazon this past weekend. Thank you so much! I’m so pleased you enjoyed it!

I wish to thank The State  newspaper for their online coverage of the festival and to their photographer in particular for trying to take pictures of all of the authors with their books. (I’m # 28)  And a special thank you goes out to the Columbia Star for featuring a picture of some of us in the WWW booth.  Whooohooo….

Many thanks to Don & Fran Bush for purchasing copies of Seahawk’s Sanctuary to place in Booklovers Bookstore, to author, Cheryl Nugent – The Light from Maggie’s View, for purchasing  copies of of both of my novels, and to everyone who came out and spent their hard-earned money to purchase books.  Happy reading to all…  It was a wonderful weekend and I had a great time!

Phew, I do believe this post has more links than all of my others combined. If I have left anyone out, it was purely accidental. Please contact me and I will make certain to include you and your book(s) as soon as possible.

SC Book Festival

I’m pleased to announce that I will be one of ten authors in the  Where Writers Win booth at the prestigious  SC Book Festival  in Columbia on May 18 & 19.  With over 6000 attending this annual festival, it has become South Carolina’s premier literary event!  I will, of course, have copies of both novels to personalize and sign. And, during this special event, they will be for sale at BELOW the regular retail prices!  I’m looking forward to a wonderful weekend and believe a great time will be had by all!  So, if possible, please plan to attend.  It will be an ideal opportunity to discover many new authors and their books.  Admission is free.

For those of you who are not yet aware, there is a relatively new site for writers and readers… is a London-based site that allows writers and readers to really connect.  Writers can post works–complete or still in progress–and get constructive feedback from readers. About 2 weeks ago, I was contacted by ReadWave and joined their rapidly expanding community.  Starting yesterday, ONLY on ReadWave, on alternating Fridays, I will be posting an entire chapter of either Seahawk’s Sanctuary or Lion’s Lair.  I plan to continue these releases for the next couple of months. **This will be the largest free release of content (approximately the first 100 pages) of both of my novels.**
It is my hope that everyone who reads this post will give a look-see…

Here is the link to my page on ReadWave:

Happy Birthday to Seahawk’s Sanctuary!

It’s hard for me to believe, but the Two Year Anniversary of Seahawk’s release on Amazon is April 1st! (I know, I know, April Fool’s Day…but the release date DID appeal to my rather, let’s say, unique sense of humor.) Anyway, to celebrate, starting Sunday, only at Amazon, both of my novels, in the eBook format, will be specially priced. That’s right, from March 24 – April 1, Seahawk’s Sanctuary will be $2.99 and Lion’s Lair only $3.99!…

So, if you have my novels on your ‘to read’ shelf this will be a GREAT opportunity to purchase one or both of them. And please help me by forwarding this information along to anyone you believe might enjoy reading my novels.

Remember, these special prices will be in effect ONLY from MARCH 24 through APRIL 1  and ONLY at AMAZON…

My thanks to everyone and happy reading…

Mead Anyone?

Since our week of false spring, with highs in the 70s, is over and winter has returned to the Carolinas for the MLK holiday weekend, and with another shot of cold air due on Tuesday (with highs in the low 40s), I thought this would be a fun post.

In keeping with the recipes posted earlier in my blog for my colonial American novel, The Seahawk’s Sanctuary, I have tried to find medieval recipes that would appeal to modern tastes for my newly released novel, The Lion’s Lair.  As you can imagine, these are difficult to find and the medieval idea of acceptable food preparation practices would probably send most of us running to the ER with food poisoning.  One such example is skinning a peacock – while keeping the feathers attached to the skin and intact – stuffing and cooking the meat (probably by boiling) – then putting the cooked carcass back into the raw skin and feathers for presentation.  And while eel pie may sound yummy to some… I think I’ll pass.

In The Lion’s Lair, my main female character, Katriona, is partial to mead, so when I ran across these relatively easy recipes for mead, I thought they would be a perfect way to make a connection with the medieval time period.  Or I believe there are some specialty alcoholic beverage stores that carry mead.

So, for the adventurous, here we go –


4  pounds   Raisins                        1   Lemon
1/4  ounce  Nutmeg                      1  quart  Honey
1/2  ounce  Cinnamon                  2 1/2 gallons  distilled Water
1/2  cup   Rose Water

Put raisins through a food chopper.  Add the ground spices and lemon, cut in small pieces.  Stir in water and honey, cover, and let stand four days, stirring each day.  Syphon off the clear liquid, add rose water, and store in jars or bottles.  Leave caps slightly loose.

Rose Water

Make your own, or go to Amazon and buy a bottle.

Make certain the rose petals have not been sprayed with any chemicals.

Yield: 2 cups
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 1 1/2 hours


1 packed cup of rose petals, rinsed
2 cups distilled boiling water

Place rose petals in bowl with a lid. Pour boiling water over the petals. Cover with lid and let the petals steep until it has reached room temperature.

Strain off the rose water. Place rose water in a glass jar and store in the refrigerator for up to a month.


METHAGLIN  (A Traditional Mead)

1   quart   Honey                           1/2  ounce   Ginger
6  quarts  Water                           1  1/8  tsp.   Rapid-rise Yeast
Lemon,  Cinnamon stick,  Raisins

Mix the honey and water, and ginger, and boil until the amount is reduced by a third.  When cooled, put in a jar together with the yeast, which has been dissolved in a little water.  Let stand three days.  Syphon it off and place in jars or bottles. Put in each a small piece of lemon, a small piece of cinnamon stick, and two or three raisins.  Leave caps slightly loose and wait a fortnight (2 weeks) before drinking.


Welcome 2013!

Since we survived 12/12/12 and, the really big one, 12/21/12 – I want to wish everyone has a very happy and healthy 2013!  It’s a new year and time for new beginnings!  And let’s not forget that later this month it’s goodbye Year of the Dragon – hello Year of the Snake.

Now on to the new…  I’m very pleased to announce that when I reduced the eBook price of my new novel, The Lion’s Lair, for the month of December, I was not prepared for the response I received.  You, the readers, have spoken and, yes, I have been listening.

It seems that we have hit upon the perfect price for the eBook version of The Lion’s Lair.   So, the Amazon Kindle price will remain at $5.95 and, as of today, this lower price will start going into effect as soon as the other booksellers initiate the update.  New pricing usually takes 2-3 weeks to go through all the distribution channels, but Smashwords (which supports all eBook formats), Barnes&Noble Nook, and Apple iBooks usually update new prices within a week…  It’s all about sales – and a lower price before the competition has it means more sales!

This new pricing will allow readers to purchase both of my novels for under the typical $9.99 price of one eBook.  So, it’s almost a BOGO Free deal!

Happy Reading Y’all…  And yes, of course I ate my collard greens and black-eyed peas on January 1st!  I am, after all, a Girl Raised In The South (GRITS).


Happy Holidays

The Festive Holiday Season is Here!

First of all, I want to thank all of my readers and let you know how much I appreciate each and every one of you… So, as a way of showing my thanks, I have made arrangements to hopefully ease some of the burden of the gift giving season.  In keeping with the holiday spirit, beginning December 1st, I have lowered the eBook price of my newly-released novel, The Lion’s Lair, on Amazon to under $6.

I’ve also made the same arrangement through Smashwords.  Just enter this discount coupon code:  UZ59Y  when purchasing The Lion’s Lair at checkout.  And since Smashwords has all the eBook formats available, NO ONE with an eReader or smart phone will be left out!

With this discount, you may purchase both of my novels, The Seahawk’s Sanctuary and The Lion’s Lair,  in the eBook format, for yourself or to give as gifts for under $10!


If your budget is a little larger and you wish to purchase print copies… They are available from the publisher at a $3 discount each. Hopefully, this will offset the shipping costs.
The Seahawk’s Sanctuary  enter discount code:  DHWQ9Y6C   or
The Lion’s Lair enter discount code:  L5BJG5JY

And I will admit that while I like the convenience of my Kindle, I still love books!!!

These price reductions will remain in effect during the entire month of December!

May the Joy and Peace of the Holiday Season be with Everyone now and throughout 2013…  Happy Reading to All!

Oxymoron – Health Bread

Strange title, huh…  Well, I really couldn’t help myself, because sometimes life is so strange!

While we were sitting at the Where Writers Win table this past weekend at the SC Writers conference, the topic of oxymorons came up. (Guess we had too much time on our hands while the workshops were in session.) LOL!  Anyway, a brief discussion ensued listing old vs. new : jumbo shrimp – business ethics – rap music – Microsoft Works (There’s a laugh!) – etc.

Yet, when I came home and was going through my recipe box, I found the epitome of oxymoronism (Is that a word?) right there on one of my recipe cards…  Health Bread.  While this seems innocent enough –  wait until you see what the three ingredients are…

This bread is truly yummy and super easy, so please try it.  You’ll really impress family and/or guests when you tell them it’s  Health Bread!

HEALTH  BREAD                               Preheat oven to 350 degrees

3  C    Self-Rising Flour
3 Tbsp   Sugar  or  Honey (This must be the healthy ingredient option!)
12 oz  can of Beer – Lite is BETTER  (Oh, here it is, Lite Beer!) at room temperature

Mix all ingredients together and pour into a lightly buttered loaf pan and bake for 50 – 60 minutes

*** For Raisin Bread :    Add  –   3  tsp.  Cinnamon Sugar  and  1  C  Raisins

I just know the spirit of the dearly departed, distant relative who passed down this recipe as a health bread is out there somewhere getting a good laugh… so pass it on!

BTW, the postscript note on the card is : Delicious!!!