Hello and welcome to the Lynne Marie Author  website.  My debut novel, The Seahawk’s Sanctuary, was released spring of 2011.  I write historical fiction that contains a love story.  I attempt to stay true to history whenever possible, and make the characters products of their time, not ours.  Because there is no well-defined genre category for my type of novel, they are classified as historical romance.  However, I wish to mention that I’m not alone, there are other authors attempting to put history back into historical romance!

The first few pages of  The Seahawk’s Sanctuary  are available on the Media Kit page.  Or, you may go to the ‘Click Here’ to the right next to the book covers. This links directly to Amazon, where you can “Look Inside!” for the first 25 pages of Seahawk and/or Lion. There is also a place to leave a Review at the end of the Blog page.  If you wish to leave a review or comment,  just hover the cursor over and click on the word ‘comment’ that’s at the end of every blog post.

***Great News***  2013 Winners – Global eBook Award in the Historical Romance category !
GEbA_Silver The Seahawk’s Sanctuary took the Silver Medal

                                        and The Lion’s Lair took Bronze…GEbA_Bronze




  ***Surprise*** – March  2012 – I just discovered  The Seahawk’s Sanctuary is a Best Book Nominee on The Romance Reviews!


A sneak peek of my new novel, The Lion’s Lair, is posted on the Sneak Peeks page.


Please visit my Blog page for current updates, insider information, as well as several great and easy recipes.

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The grand-bunny – CinnaBun. Three pounds of cuteness…  And she knows it!!!