Oxymoron – Health Bread

Strange title, huh…  Well, I really couldn’t help myself, because sometimes life is so strange!

While we were sitting at the Where Writers Win table this past weekend at the SC Writers conference, the topic of oxymorons came up. (Guess we had too much time on our hands while the workshops were in session.) LOL!  Anyway, a brief discussion ensued listing old vs. new : jumbo shrimp – business ethics – rap music – Microsoft Works (There’s a laugh!) – etc.

Yet, when I came home and was going through my recipe box, I found the epitome of oxymoronism (Is that a word?) right there on one of my recipe cards…  Health Bread.  While this seems innocent enough –  wait until you see what the three ingredients are…

This bread is truly yummy and super easy, so please try it.  You’ll really impress family and/or guests when you tell them it’s  Health Bread!

HEALTH  BREAD                               Preheat oven to 350 degrees

3  C    Self-Rising Flour
3 Tbsp   Sugar  or  Honey (This must be the healthy ingredient option!)
12 oz  can of Beer – Lite is BETTER  (Oh, here it is, Lite Beer!) at room temperature

Mix all ingredients together and pour into a lightly buttered loaf pan and bake for 50 – 60 minutes

*** For Raisin Bread :    Add  –   3  tsp.  Cinnamon Sugar  and  1  C  Raisins

I just know the spirit of the dearly departed, distant relative who passed down this recipe as a health bread is out there somewhere getting a good laugh… so pass it on!

BTW, the postscript note on the card is : Delicious!!!