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March  2012 –  The Seahawk’s Sanctuary is a Best Book Nominee on The Romance Reviews!!!


                                                      A  FEW  REVIEWS :

Sizzling Romance with Adventure Galore!  This novel, The Lion’s Lair, really does have it all. There’s the off-the-charts chemistry between handsome Sir Morgan, an elite knight and the “lion” of the title, and saucy Katriona, the daughter of a lord who resides at the castle Morgan and his men have invaded. Morgan is determined to win Katriona’s heart, but she wavers: she can’t ignore how attracted she is to him, but she simultaneously recoils at the thought of truly loving someone she believes is the enemy. Inevitably, sparks fly in a most entertaining way as the passionate lovers wrestle both with each other and their feelings. While their romance is the focus, there’s also plenty of adventure and suspense to be enjoyed in this novel, particularly when brave Sir Morgan squares off with a vicious Scottish knight in the dramatic climax of the book. And Lynne Marie really knows how to heighten the tension–I was nearly quivering with anticipation at the arrival of dangerous enemy forces. The Lion’s Lair is a page-turning delight with vibrant characters and compelling plot twists in a colourful medieval setting. It’s definitely a worthy successor to Lynne’s previous book, The Seahawk’s Sanctuary.  -Craftyrabbit – an Amazon review


Chivalry Meets its Match – If I had to give Sir Morgan, the strong, handsome hero of Lion’s Lair, some advice it would be ‘to be careful what you wish for’. This author knows how to combine authentic, historical realism with a modern feeling, action-packed story that will appeal to men and women. Lynne Marie, in her second novel, once again delivers a strong character oriented story. Lynne describes Katriona as bold and assertive. I think that’s tame. She ain’t your typical maiden, but one who is a perfect match for Sir Morgan, both outside and inside the bedroom. One expects sword fights and horseback riding, so no disappointment there, but one may not be ready for the author’s tastefully worded love scenes (move over E L James) that leave just enough to the reader’s imagination to, well, imagine and wish you were there. The well constructed plot has some unexpected twists, suspense and a good pace. But it’s the characters that will keep you turning the pages. Well done.   –Mike Lee

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I just finished reading The Lion’s Lair and enjoyed it just as much as I did The Seahawk’s Sanctuary! My one regret is that there isn’t another one of your books ready for me to read!!! The one good thing out of that is…maybe I will get something done other than reading!   –Mary Greene

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The Seahawk’s Sanctuary is a compelling example of historical romance. Embedded in this novel is the story of Charleston in the final days of the imperial crisis with Britain while exploring the essential role played by privateers in providing supplies for the Patriot cause.  This book also illuminates many other elements of history: the nature of day-to-day life on board a merchant ship, the shifting and divided loyalties of Americans during this time period, and especially the limited options and protections available to even upper class women like her protagonist Victoria.
Yet this book is more than a history lesson; it is a heckuva good read.  (Pardon my slang.) I read a lot of historical fiction and it is difficult to incorporate factual research into an engaging novel.  Lynne Marie tells a gripping story that smoothly and skillfully captures both. When I reached the end of this novel, I wanted to know what happened to the main characters next.  In my book that is the mark of a good novel!  –M. Walker, Ph.D.   Professor of History;  Converse College

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The Seahawk’s Sanctuary is a wonderful weaving of common tropes into something realistic and entertaining.  Yes, the heroine is taken by pirates but they are really privateers and she is rescued from a bad situation.  She becomes the captain’s “cabin boy” but as protection.  Every time I saw a cliche, Lynne Marie turned it into gold.  -Carol in Canada

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I’ve known of Lynne Marie’s writing ambitions, hopes, and near-miss for many years.  I watched as she postponed her writing career to raise a family and be an active part in their lives as they grew and matured.  At intervals I would ask if she had resumed this part of her life and the answer was always, “Not yet.”  Then in the fall of 2009, she surprised me with a:  “I’m working on it.”  “Good,” was my response, “You’ll never know if you don’t try.”
When I saw Lynne in November of last year, she announced that her first novel was being edited and would be released in the spring.  Big surprise!  I received a signed, printed copy of The Seahawk’s Sanctuary the end of March.  It’s a good book and I enjoyed reading it.  Congratulations to Lynne Marie for all of her hard work and perseverance.  I’m proud of you!!!  Looking forward to the next one.  -John T. Rhodes,  Mayor of  Myrtle Beach

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Spellbinding tale of a young woman born into an 18th century man’s world, Victoria must rely on her own cunning and unrealized femine wiles.  A fast-paced story set in the immense wealth of southern rice plantatons. High seas adventures of the dashing Capt. Hawthorne amidst pirates, treachery, love and lust makes Seahawk’s Sanctuary a real page turner.  Strongly suggested read for all adventure and romance lovers.Rita Rice

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I can truly say The Seahawk’s Sanctuary is one of the best reads out there. The story line and the characters are brilliantly rendered making it a joy to read. Victoria makes me proud to be a woman and Grant makes me proud to be a Southerner. All in all Lynne, you’ve done a fabulous job and I cannot wait for the next one! SHW

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