Welcome 2013!

Since we survived 12/12/12 and, the really big one, 12/21/12 – I want to wish everyone has a very happy and healthy 2013!  It’s a new year and time for new beginnings!  And let’s not forget that later this month it’s goodbye Year of the Dragon – hello Year of the Snake.

Now on to the new…  I’m very pleased to announce that when I reduced the eBook price of my new novel, The Lion’s Lair, for the month of December, I was not prepared for the response I received.  You, the readers, have spoken and, yes, I have been listening.

It seems that we have hit upon the perfect price for the eBook version of The Lion’s Lair.   So, the Amazon Kindle price will remain at $5.95 and, as of today, this lower price will start going into effect as soon as the other booksellers initiate the update.  New pricing usually takes 2-3 weeks to go through all the distribution channels, but Smashwords (which supports all eBook formats), Barnes&Noble Nook, and Apple iBooks usually update new prices within a week…  It’s all about sales – and a lower price before the competition has it means more sales!

This new pricing will allow readers to purchase both of my novels for under the typical $9.99 price of one eBook.  So, it’s almost a BOGO Free deal!

Happy Reading Y’all…  And yes, of course I ate my collard greens and black-eyed peas on January 1st!  I am, after all, a Girl Raised In The South (GRITS).