Recap of the SC Bookfest

First of all, HUGS and THANKS go to Shari Stauch of Where Writers Win for inviting me to participate in this prestigious literary event and treating us to dinner on Saturday night.  A wonderful time was had by all!

The authors in the WWW booth, and others that could not attend, have been very fortunate to have Shari teach us many savvy social networking skills as well as website maintenance, while her associate, Kendra Haskins, developed gorgeous  individual webpages for many of us.  Shari’s current mission is to take talented fledgling authors under her wing and teach us to fly by navigating through and connecting with a plethora of social sites.  And while she professes to cut us loose after the contract is fulfilled, we authors know we can always email her for help or advice, for Shari has her fingers on the pulse of the current unpredictable and rapidly changing field of writing and publishing.

The authors present and/or represented at the WWW booth were: newly published Priscilla Whitaker – Mr Blue, and  Kat Varn with her soon to be released novel – Ameera Unveiled.  A wide scope of genres were available at the WWW booth:  Karla Telega – Box of Rocks and I Never Drove a Bulldozer,   Deb Mangolt – Drink Wine and Giggle,   McKendree (Mike) Long – No Good Like It Is and Dog Soldier Moon,  Jacqueline Gum – Confessions of a Corporate Slut, Fred Fields – How Short Hitting, Bad Golfers Break 90 All the Time,   Millie West was debuting her “hot off the presses” new release –  Catherine’s Cross as well as  The Cast Net,  and last but certainly not least, Shari, who we sometimes forget is an author in her own right – Pool Player’s Edge and  Precision Pool.

I met a many wonderful people at the book festival and wish to send a thank you out to everyone for all the very pleasant and memorable experiences… Most of the independent authors I spoke with are committed to learning the craft and producing quality work and sincerely hope that fair and honest representation of indie authors by more of the publishing companies is in the near future. Ultimately, I believe, this will be a great benefit to readers worldwide as a larger scope of good books are made available for their reading pleasure.

There was one author in particular, across the aisle from us who had, I thought, a stunning booth. His name is Rick Veal and he was debuting his first novel, The Master of Whitehall. This novel is a modern-day vampire story that takes place in Charleston, SC.  Mr. Veal bought a copy of Seahawk’s Sanctuary from me at the book festival, and to my delight he posted a wonderful review on Amazon this past weekend. Thank you so much! I’m so pleased you enjoyed it!

I wish to thank The State  newspaper for their online coverage of the festival and to their photographer in particular for trying to take pictures of all of the authors with their books. (I’m # 28)  And a special thank you goes out to the Columbia Star for featuring a picture of some of us in the WWW booth.  Whooohooo….

Many thanks to Don & Fran Bush for purchasing copies of Seahawk’s Sanctuary to place in Booklovers Bookstore, to author, Cheryl Nugent – The Light from Maggie’s View, for purchasing  copies of of both of my novels, and to everyone who came out and spent their hard-earned money to purchase books.  Happy reading to all…  It was a wonderful weekend and I had a great time!

Phew, I do believe this post has more links than all of my others combined. If I have left anyone out, it was purely accidental. Please contact me and I will make certain to include you and your book(s) as soon as possible.