Shh, Author at Work

I know that my blogs were woefully lacking last month, (actually nonexistent) and unfortunately it looks as if this will continue for another 4-6 weeks.  I am currently under a manuscript deadline to get the rewrites completed on Lion’s Lair  and the entire manuscript ready for my editor by June.  Since I still have a day job, and need to sleep, I have finally resorted to taking next week off to  go to a quiet place in order to make some real progress on the manuscript.

I do have some good news though.  Cayce of Intuitively Artistic sent me some gorgeous rough drafts for the cover art of Lion’s Lair!  After her fantastic design for Seahawk’s Sanctuary,  I wondered if she could do it again.  Well, she has not disappointed me!  Her work is truly outstanding!  I only wish I could somehow use them all…

We have narrowed it down to two covers this week and, hopefully, I have come up with an original way to use them both.  A random polling has these two covers pretty much running neck and neck.  (Sorry, just got through watching the Kentucky Derby.)  But there is one, to me, that really stands out.  It looks like a photograph, but Cayce showed me that it is actually a composite of several different elements placed together with filtering, shading, and enhancements.  What she has been able to create is truly amazing!  And it’s not even finished yet, just a rough mock-up.  Her words, not mine.  I hope to have the cover for Lion’s Lair posted onto my website by mid June (maybe sooner).

Lion’s Lair is scheduled to be released around the middle of September.

Please be patient, you will not be disappointed.