Antiques Roadshow in SC

I wish to say that I’m very happy to be the recipient of two tickets to the Antiques Roadshow that’s coming to SC  next weekend.  I purchased an ink portrait of the Madonna about 35 years ago – when I couldn’t afford it – just because. . .  Okay, I liked it.  And here she is, isn’t she beautiful!

I promised myself if the Antique Roadshow ever came to South Carolina, I would try not to miss it.  Little did I know that the tickets must be applied for months in advance, and after application, applicants were picked at random.  But, by some quirk of the fates, I received 2 tickets and I’m allowed to bring 2 items per ticket.  Yahoooo!  As an amateur historian that  narrows it down to three more items.  My oh my, how do I choose?  In the past several years, I have acquired a pair of cameos and a beautiful watch from my grandparents. . . probably not worth much, but that’s a couple more items.  Now I’m down to one more. . .  I’ll just have to find something.

Too bad I don’t have an easy access to my 85+ year old mother-in -law.  She has items that date back to and beyond her mother who was born in 1890!  I’ll let everyone know how it went after next weekend.

UPDATE  –  June 24, 2012 –   Okay, I spent 3+ hours at the Antique Roadshow yesterday (mainly standing in looong lines, but they kept us moving).  And it seems that I won’t be quitting my day job or writing career.  The ink-line drawing  of the Madonna is:  German – dates back to the 1890s, but is not rare, and is only worth about $200. – $225.  Oh well, she’s been with me for a long time, and I still like her.

Now, back to work…  I promised to finish the final tweaking on Lion’s Lair this week!  My editor, Caroline, is waiting.