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Books, Books, and Even More E-Books

At the end of 2013, Amazon had 2.3 million eBooks available for the reading public’s enjoyment.  And, if that seems like a lot… Several sources estimate there will be another 250,000 eBooks published every 3 months in 2014!  So, by the end of this year, poof, another million books.  All I can say is WOW! […]

Author’s Note

THE LION’S LAIR is a work of fiction. But in my quest to stay true to history and to flesh out the characters to make them products of their time, not ours, I wish to pass along a few words to the reader. During my research, it came as quite a surprise to discover that […]

Chill Pill, Please

I wish I knew where I could get one, or two, or ten of these!  I’m currently working on the final edit corrections on the last file of The Lion’s Lair!  I hope to have all the corrections completed by the end of August.  And while I’m pleased to have my second novel almost ready […]

Shh, Author at Work

I know that my blogs were woefully lacking last month, (actually nonexistent) and unfortunately it looks as if this will continue for another 4-6 weeks.  I am currently under a manuscript deadline to get the rewrites completed on Lion’s Lair  and the entire manuscript ready for my editor by June.  Since I still have a […]