Rediscovering Disney

Okay, I’ll admit it, I love baseball!!!  Professional or college, it doesn’t matter.  A brief spur of the moment trip to see some spring training games at Disney World with the Atlanta Braves presented itself, so I went.  I got to see the sold-out Braves vs. the Yankees game.  It was great even though the Braves lost.

I was relieved to see the majority of the Braves players returning for another season, and thankful for the sneak peek of the up-and-coming rookies.  Unfortunately, the game on the following day, Braves vs. Blue Jays, when I had seats right behind home plate, was a  day filled with torrential rainfall…  After a lengthy delay, the game finally started only to be stopped and postponed two more times before they called the game due to the rain.  Didn’t even make it through two innings!

And I’ll tell you, the employees at Disney certainly are prepared for everything.  The first game, 80 degrees, and we were sucking down frozen strawberry and lemonade ices.  While the following day, we are all cold and wet and nursing hot cocoas!!!  The person responsible at Disney guest services that prepared for those two extremes in less than 24 hours is a suuuper genius and has my deepest gratitude!

It had been 15 years since we went to Disney World and a lot had changed, but a lot is still the same.  One day we explored Epcot with the International Flower and Garden Festival  that runs from mid March through May should not be missed.  Also went to Downtown Disney, which was new for me.   The Lego Store with its life-sized figures built out of the little Lego blocks should be  on everyone’s to do list!!!  I am still blown away by the humongous Lego sculpture of Maleficent in the dragon form with Prince Philip on his horse.  They told us that the sculpture was solid and took a crew of master Lego builders nine months to build the display and by the size of it, I was surprised it only took that long!  And how cool would it be to have as your job description – Master Lego Builder