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Mead Anyone?

Since our week of false spring, with highs in the 70s, is over and winter has returned to the Carolinas for the MLK holiday weekend, and with another shot of cold air due on Tuesday (with highs in the low 40s), I thought this would be a fun post. In keeping with the recipes posted […]

Oxymoron – Health Bread

Strange title, huh…  Well, I really couldn’t help myself, because sometimes life is so strange! While we were sitting at the Where Writers Win table this past weekend at the SC Writers conference, the topic of oxymorons came up. (Guess we had too much time on our hands while the workshops were in session.) LOL!  […]

Antiques Roadshow in SC

I wish to say that I’m very happy to be the recipient of two tickets to the Antiques Roadshow that’s coming to SC  next weekend.  I purchased an ink portrait of the Madonna about 35 years ago – when I couldn’t afford it – just because. . .  Okay, I liked it.  And here she […]

Rediscovering Disney

Okay, I’ll admit it, I love baseball!!!  Professional or college, it doesn’t matter.  A brief spur of the moment trip to see some spring training games at Disney World with the Atlanta Braves presented itself, so I went.  I got to see the sold-out Braves vs. the Yankees game.  It was great even though the […]

Seahawk’s Sanctuary Recipes: Silvy’s Peach Cobbler

I thought that it would be fun to post a few recipes that the characters in my novel baked, or wanted to make, as the case may be…  So I’m going to start with something sweet.  I believe we should start eating desserts first… I rarely have room for them afterwards! I hope you will […]