Holiday Special – Kindle Countdown Deals

With time growing oh so short, and in an attempt to give ample notice, I wish to announce that I will doing something a little different this year.  As a holiday special, both of my novels, The Seahawk’s Sanctuary and Lion’s Lair, will be enrolled in the NEW Kindle Countdown Deals starting December 24.  From my understanding, my novels, in the eBook format, will be priced at 99 cents on December 24 and increase by $1 increments every 24 hours until they return to their regular retail price.  Simply click on the ‘Clink Here’ to the right of this page if you’re interested in purchasing either of my novels during the 3 to 4 day countdown special, or… here’s the link to view all the Kindle Countdown Deal specials that are currently in progress:   

So mark your calendars… You will be able to download these novels and many others on your New or existing Kindle device, PC, tablets, or phones. And, don’t forget… they can be purchased and gifted, for those last-minute shoppers, during this time as well…

My sincere thanks to all the readers out there, and may we hold the joy and peace of the holiday season in our hearts throughout the New Year.   🙂