Lines by Lynne

Over the years, I have developed a passion for history.  I love discovering little-known or forgotten facts that makes the history, for me, come alive.  In The Seahawk’s Sanctuary,  I have attempted to  depict the historical time period as accurately as possible.  The events, personal wear and language, as well as the mannerisms and habits of the times are all incorporated.   And to stay true to the historical period, it is very much a “man’s world,” for during the 1700s, women have few rights.   Nonetheless, my women characters are strong-willed and opinionated for the times.  The main characters are purely fictional, however, the conditions and circumstances surrounding them are factual.  The actions of historical individuals, such as Christopher Gadsden, that make appearances are fictitious to blend in with the storyline.

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    Oooh… love the history (or herstory!) behind the tales… Tell me more!