Celebrate February

This February, celebrate with a couple Sweet Deals.

There are a lot of good things that happen during the shortest month of the year… and I’ve decided to add a couple more. Starting Friday, February 6, and running through Sunday, February 22, the Kindle editions of both of my award-winning historical romance novels will be sweetly priced.   Seahawk’s Sanctuary will be only $1.99!   And Lion’s Lair will be $2.99! This Kindle price deal will NOT be repeated this year, so please, don’t miss it.

And celebrate this February with an extra dose of love and romance.

The 4 year publication anniversary of my 1st novel, Seahawk’s Sanctuary, takes place later this month, and I wish to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all the readers who have enjoyed my debut novel. Over the years, y’all have passed the word along to acquaintances, friends, and family members. You have kept its Kindle ranking in the top 5% and made it the success it is today!

Valentine’s Day is Saturday, February 14.  A day to celebrate LOVE.  Toss a spicy historical romance novel, or two, into the mix, and who knows where that may lead…

The Chinese New Year starts February 19. I believe it’s the year of the goat/sheep, and I certainly hope it’s going to be a quiet year. The last couple of  years for our immediate family has been full of critical illnesses, surgeries, and the loss of dearly-loved family members and close friends.  With all these reality checks, I’ve had to prioritize, and family comes first, so it’s been impossible for me to find any spare time to write.

But this is a new year, and I’m ready to set aside some of my free time to putting the stories in my head on to paper… Perhaps I will even be able to complete the much requested Seahawk sequel.

I also have a birthday coming up on February 22.  I’m going to be……………..(drum roll please)……………..  29!!!   Now y’all will only have to figure out how many times!  😀

Oh yes, there’s one more thing…  On Saturday, February 7, from 10am to 1pm, the Tri-County Literary Celebration is being held in Dean Hall at Cypress Gardens in Charleston, SC.  This is a free event and is open to the public!

I will be one of the many local authors attending this event, so if you’re in the area, please come by. There will be a large variety of books for sale, and I will have special pricing on both of my novels.